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Group Tour in Morocco

Morocco shared tours are the best way to split the expense of the tours and travel together with other adventures. Save money by splitting tours with other travelers while maintaining the same high-quality service as a private tour at a lower price. Our guests can use this page to join an already open group or submit new dates and itineraries so other guests with the same interests can join.

Options: of Morocco shared tours

To join an existing open Morocco shared tours Group, you can browse the submitted group tours below to choose the group that best fits you. Afterward, you can send us the group ID number so we would send you the full itinerary and its info.

If you haven’t found what you’re searching for in the existing groups, it’s a great idea to start your own so that others can join your trip. To create and submit a new group, you can provide us with more information, and we will review and post it on this page.

Join an existing group:

When you contact us to join one of the open groups, we’ll provide you the price based on the number of members who have already booked the group, followed by another list (named RD-list) of how the price will be after more people join.

Whenever other members join your group, the price will reduce as indicated by the (RD-list). When a new member joins one of the groups, the existing members will receive a notice note.

After confirming your participation in one of the open groups,  you must pay a 20% deposit to secure the reservation. You can Pay the rest in cash at the meeting point or wire transfer to our bank account. If new members join the group after you have paid the %20 deposit, your RD-List discount will apply to the rest.

group tour

Create a new group:

When creating a new group, we’ll take time to design your itinerary ShareT-Id regarding your requirements. This ShareT-Id will serve as your group’s primary itinerary. When new members join your group, they must take the same path specified in the ShareT-Id.

You can update the itinerary and dates if no one joined your group yet. Once the second member joins your group, you lose the feature of flexibility, Unless you both agree on something.

When the admin creates a new group, there will not be any deposit. The admin is required to pay the 20% deposit after a second member joins.

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How do we find other travelers with similar interests & Dates to yours:

When you contact us to form a new group, we build a program itinerary ShareT-Id based on your requirements. We will then distribute the itinerary Address to over 24,000 subscribers. In addition to this, we share the Itinerary ShareT-Id throughout all of our social media profiles.

Privacy Note: Your personal information will not be visible on the ShareT-Id.

Cancellation policy:

If it happens and a member of your group cancels the tour, other participants will be unaffected, and the trip will continue at the same price as stated in the last notification (when the new person joined).

We will hold the deposit for the person who canceled the group until another member replaces him & Her. If a new member replaces (Him & Her), The deposit will be fully refunded. If the start date arrives and no one has yet to fill the seat (His & Her), the deposit will not be refunded and will be used to cover the losses.

This last is uncommon since when one person leaves a group, another usually enters a few days later. When a member confirms the cancelation, we do extra effort to fill the seat as soon as possible before the group departure date.

Join one of the open groups listed below:

Morocco shared tours Groups

Desert 3 day from Marrakech15/10
4 day Fes to merzouga19/10
5 day Marrakech to merzouga29/10


N°P represents the number of participants in the shared tour. The total number of people on the same trip is 7. We aim to provide our customers with a private experience at an affordable price (get private quality at a 100% cheap price). As mentioned before, #ST-0718 is the Shared Tour ID.