Camel Trekking In The Desert

Camel ride in Merzouga or M'hamid and let your mind wander to the horizon as you embrace the true essence of Morocco desert travel and exploration. Camel trek is a unique way to experience Morocco desert on a personal level with camels.Sahara Trips provides the following camel trek, rides and desert safaris that you simply cannot match anywhere:

Camel tours Morning and sunset camel ride in Merzouga or M'hamid, Oasis Camel Trekking. Our camelman guide will enable you to explore and experience the Outback in a way that you may never have thought possible - reconnecting you to the landscape as you walk through the high sand dunes of Morocco Sahara- the doorway to the the largest desert in the world. Our guides have grown in the desert and are from Nomad families. They are compassionate and will give you a magical experience of discovering the Morocco desert and to provide you with a rewarding and rich adventure. This iconic experience will leave you feeling relaxed, captivated and our nomad Blue Men of the desert will ensure you leave with the most remarkable lifelong memories. Join us for desert camel riding adventure, expedition and fun, or contact us for more information about Camel trek in Merzouga or M'hamid.

merzouga camel trekking